TARRES 03 klein OK (300dpi).jpg
20.11.10 / 20:15h
Fernando Tarrés Quintet
Modern Jazz
Fernando Tarrésguitar, compositon
Luis Nachtsaxophone
Juan Pablo Arredondoguitar
Jerónimo Carmonaacoustic bass
Carto Brandándrums


Leaded by composer-guitarist Fernando Tarrés, this November the Buenos Aires based quintet will display its unique sound at Tangente, presenting the music of the group's ninth album.

Their provocative rhythmic and harmonic language creates an exuberant landscape that combines the poly-rhythms of Argentina's native folk music, the passionate melodic phrasing of the tango and the freedom of jazz improvisation.

In recent years, many musicians have searched for an articulated way to blend their roots with modern influences, but what becomes pretty distinctive in Tarrés' music is how He formulates an organic language where you cannot tell apart what it was made of.

The astonishing array of his artistic activities as a composer, arranger, performer and producer with artists like Tom Harrell, Danilo Pérez, Donny McCaslin, Erik Friedlander, Mark Feldman, David Kikoski, Luis Perdomo, Drew Gress, Bologna Philharmonic Orchestra, Panama Symphony, Maracaibo Symphony Orchestra, Chavez Orchestra, Montevideo National Symphony, Medellin’s EAFIT Orchestra, Bogotá Philharmonic, John Hollenbeck, Satoshi Takeishi, Lucía Pulido, Antonio Arnedo, David Binney and Gary Burton among many others, makes him one of the most prominent names in the South American modern creative music scene, being widely recognized as one of the most important and original Argentine musicians to emerge from the jazz and improvised music scene of the last decades.

Influenced by composers as diverse as Bartok, Stravisnky, Piazzolla, Pascoal, Ligieti, Feldman and Mingus, and backed by the solid experience acquired throughout 10 years working in New York, Tarrés manages to create a very unique and personal language that transcends category.

He has released 14 albums under his name, and 20 others as arranger and/or producer.

In 2001 he founded Buenos Aires Underground, and independent jazz record label that allowed him to promote and disseminate the work of Argentina's youngest generations of composers and performers. BAU Records' catalogue lists over 70 titles.

Press reviews have clearly expressed the relevance of Tarrés' music as well as the band's performance:
"His style is restless and eclectic, composed of graceful and haunting elements. Tarrés writes art music and his group provides bursts of creative sounds." (Jazz Times, USA)
"Concentrated and communicative, the band follows Tarrés on his musical microcosm indicating a possible new way in improvisational freedom." (Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany)

Mr. Nacht’s participation on this tour was made possible thanks to the generous support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina.